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    Following His Calling

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    Following His Calling

    I started this website to reach out to anyone who's able and willing to help me achieve what God has called me to do. I'm called to start organizing for God, and to prepare as many as possible for His soon to be coming. I ask that you help me by donating to this cause, and in return I will use all funds in making this calling a reality. I have the websites in line, I want to to buy/rent a building to gather fellow Christians, as well as have a place to welcome the lost. I want everyone to feel welcome and constantly strive to get away from the things that often stigmatize churches - mainly gossip, looking down or people and/or clicks and all the other distractions Satan pushes on us for the sole reason to get us off point. Please, if you have it in you and can afford to do so, I ask that you help in this cause. I will personally thank each one who does, as well as pray for them and thank God for bringing you to this site. I believe strongly that everything - absolutely everything - is controlled by God. It's not by chance you're here today, reading this now... You're here on this site for a reason, whatever that reason is, I know God had a hand in it.  

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